7 Keys to Serenity

7 Keys to Serenity

7 Keys to Serenity – Creating Harmony Within

Serge Mazerand

We are all musicians by nature. We hum, we whistle, we sing, we dance and swing. Our everyday vocabulary is infused with musical terms: we resonate with people and do things in concert; we feel upbeat or downbeat and at times, we must face the music.

Perhaps more importantly, we have within us extraordinarily powerful instruments: our brains and hearts. The brain is the keyboard where we play our mind’s compositions. The heart is the metronome that beats the rhythm of our emotions, the soundboard that amplifies the subtle music that plays within us.

We have all we need to create either beautiful music or a cacophony. What does it take to create harmony?

In this insightful musical perspective on creating true happiness, pianist, recording artist and composer Serge Mazerand transposes harmony onto the score of everyday living. Playing the seven keys to serenity, empowers you to access the transformative potential of awareness, creativity, conscious choice and change; to apply alignment, balance and coherence; to harness discipline and implement a mindful, synergistic strategy of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual self-care.


To play life by heart.


In the face of today’s many disruptions and uncertainties, this book inspires readers to shift into a new way of thinking where stress and anxiety have no power; to create resilience, clarity and effortlessness; to embrace the art of conscious living. 


To be the composer and the conductor of your life.

International Book Awards Finalist and Body Mind Spirit Book Awards Finalist.

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