The Dart

The Dart

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The Life and Times of a Red Mountain Racer and Alpine Ski Coach by Grant Rutherglen.

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Grant Rutherglen shares a compelling account of the long reach of Red Mountain in his book The Dart: The Life and Times of a Red Mountain Racer and Alpine Ski Coach.

“Over the years, the Red Mountain Ski Club, its ski school and other programs, in Rossland, British Columbia, have produced a significant number of good skiers who went on to the Canadian national ski team either as competitors or as coaches. Many of them started as children with their families who became involved because they simply wanted to ski for recreation. They ended up shaping their talents through the ski club and ski school as they grew up, and found themselves competing, coaching or both at the national level. I am grateful and fortunate to have been among them.”

The passion is unmistakeable as we journey with Grant from his early years skiing with a pair of old gumboots jammed into a bear trap binding with spring cables pulled up over the heels, through his pursuit of a spot on the Canadian national alpine ski team, to recognizing his true calling of coaching through his long-time association with the Canadian Ski Coaches Federation.

Grant’s story underscores the importance of family, camaraderie and perseverance, and we are reminded that success, however it is defined, can come from the most surprising places.

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