Seasons in the Life of a Beehive

Seasons in the Life of a Beehive

Seasons in the Life of a Beehive

Virginia Hall

Virginia Hall lives on a small farm near Armstrong, BC, Canada, with her husband, dogs, llamas, and bees.

With a love for nature, art, and a degree in environmental science, she worked with bees for several years before becoming a forestry technician.

Wanting to help children understand, love, and appreciate honey bees, Virginia launched herself into an earlier dream of writing and illustrating a children’s book about bees and their ways.

This book is an introduction to the life of the honey bee throughout the seasons as seen from a bee’s perspective. It is set in British Columbia but could be in many other parts of the world where beekeeping is fruitful.

Copies are available online at PayPal for $20.00 + GST & Shipping/Handling and at LMR Publishing, please email for further information.

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